14 Mocap animations, 6 hand made.

200 riffs.

Load your own songs, sounds and animations.

Record function.

Carry function & reposition.


Temp-Rez version on stand.


Your new guitar has an engine powered by Narmotur Pendragon. Many of the features in the guitars are unique, others are vast improvements on existing SL coding.

Everything has been made with the serious performer in mind and lots more just for fun.


1. Opening your guitar box & the correct attachment point.

2. Touch start.

3. “Carry”

4.  Adjusting the position of your guitar

5. “Animate”

6. “HUD”

7. Preload

8. “Rez-Stool”

9. “Help”

10. “Volume”

10. “Drop” feature

11. Info for others.

12. Loading sounds and songs

13. Recording

14. Temp rezzer display guitar on stand

15) Problems


1)    Rez the box in world and tap it (left click) – your guitar will appear. You can just take it out of the box straight into your inventory, but that’s dull, so LEFT click the box instead. ‘Accept’ or say ‘Yes’ to everything it offers/asks. A guitar will appear and float above the box (If you have enough prim allowance on the land). Tap the guitar  to wear it, or RIGHT click and select ‘wear’. If you get an error message" This is not a valid attachment spot!" - then just reattach your guitar to your 'Right Pec' - it will only work there.

2)    The play position is  activated by tapping the guitar. The menu will appear as well.

3)   “Carry” will position the guitar on your back again.

4)  Adjusting the position of your guitar - If you need to change the default positions to suit your own shape, right click the guitar, select “edit” and adjust the position of the guitar. A “Save” window is set to appear when you have switched to a new mode (carry, sit or play) or hit another button after you have adjusted the position. Repeat this for all the positions if needed (Sit, Stand and Carry). *NOTE Some computers seem to have a bug with SL that causes attached objects to appear to be out of place. Try right clicking the guitar and select “edit” – often it will snap back into place. All animations use the same position, so move for one, move for all.

5)    “Animate” – This will allow you to play animations without sounds (for live performers). There are 14 Mocap anims, 4 handmade, including 2 sitting, with another with hands resting on guitar. By selecting “Stop” at anytime, the animation will go to the “still” mode for breaks between songs.

6)    Many functions are in the HUD device only, which can be rezzed from the menu. You can minimize it into the corner of your screen. It will automatically minimise when you put the guitar back in ‘Carry’ mode.

7) Sounds load as you first select them, once you’ve played each one, they will play a lot faster. There is a preload button on the HUD which will take about 3 minutes to preload all the sounds into your cache and anyone else close to you… this way they will play immediately.

 8) In “More”, “Rez-Stool” does exactly what it says on the tin. Right click the stool and sit. If you select “Stand Up” from the bottom of your screen, it will remain in world. But if you select “Carry” from the blue menu, the stool will neatly disappear. Because the sitting animations are unique, they won’t mix well with other objects you may want to sit on. There are issues with pose balls etc, so you can only play the guitar on the stool supplied - it has a unique sitting script inside that locks onto the animations.

9)    “Web/Help” will bring you to this webpage.

10)   In “More”,  “Volume” button – try and avoid “high” and “Max” as these carry a long way and you’ll annoy everyone.

11)     There is a great little option for showing-off your guitar to other people. Just r/click it and select “drop” – it will appear in front of you and slowly rotate so others can take a good look at it. When people ask you about it, just tell them to click on the guitar (whether you are wearing it or not) and a message will appear on their window with information and an option for a landmark.

12) “Inventory” You can load in your own sounds and songs. Rez the inventory box from the menu (assuming you have perms to rez prims on the land you are on at the time), drop the sounds in and tap the box. They will appear on the HUD buttons. If you want to load your own songs, get your sounds into SL (I can’t help you with that, but try https://support.secondlife.com/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=4417 for a start and http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ )

* Sound file names must NOT contain commas - because when you write the names into a note card, you need to add commas and it will confuse the script if there are too many!

Once your sounds are in, they should be just under 10 secs each, apart from the last one presumably. Let's say the file names are:

Al Jolson - 1

Al Jolson - 2

Al Jolson - 3


Remember, no commas allowed in original file names. In which case, list the names of the sounds in order in a note card exactly like so:


Al Jolson - 1, 9.9

Al Jolson - 2, 9.9

Al Jolson - 3, 6.0


Note the single line spacing and single space between the comma and the time length numbers.


Name the note card with the name of the song. Load the card into the inventory box and tap it to load them into your guitar. You must be wearing the hud to playback songs. Hit the play button and select the song from the list.


Don’t forget, the sounds have to load first and this may take at least one play through.


You can also load using the sound’s UUID – just right click the sound in inventory and select ‘copy asset UUID’, then paste that into the note card in place of the sound’s name.


Something to note: the guitar won't preload sounds that are specified by UUID rather than using the sound files directly themselves.



13) You can also record any sequence of sounds you play from the HUD for them to be played back to you are shared by someone else who also has a Nomasha Syaka Guitar.


·         Hit the ‘record’ button on the hud.


·         Type “/5” in chat, followed by the song name.


·         A blue menu will appear asking if you want the song to be public or private. If ‘private’ then only you can play it back, if ‘public’ then anyone with a guitar can play it back from their menu if they know (or guess) the song name!


·         Hit the ‘Record’ button again when you are done and then ‘Play’ to play back the recording from a list.



14)     Temp rezzer display guitar on stand. Just rez the guitar on the stand from your inventory and wait for the guitar to appear. As a repeating temp rez object, it will not count against your prim limit. It is also set to phantom to reduce simulator lag. The stand itself is 8 prims.

15)   As we all know only too well, SL can be slow at times and this will result in delays in sounds, rezzing menus etc. 99% of problems are to do with this, but if you have a problem that persists, try logging off and on again… still no luck? Then hit the “Reset” button on the menu. If this doesn’t solve the problem -  let me know via IM please.

Nomasha Syaka

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