All Electric & Acoustic Guitars Feature...


Mocap Animations

14 Mocap animations recorded from real life actors and 6 handmade animations. All designed for a variety of performing styles. Mocap animations are very expensive and time consuming to make, but the final quality is highly realistic and satisfying and will add a quality and style to your performances that standard animations cannot achieve. These are included in all the electric and acoustic guitars - the bass guitars are not yet updated.

Try them out or buy them separately

Try them out on the pods behind the guitars on the sim (click the image on the right for a teleport). If you want to use your own guitar, you can purchase all the Mocap animations separately. Alternatively, if you have favorite animations you want in a Nomasha guitar, you can load them inside the guitar for use via menu, using the special scripted 'load inventory' function.



200 riffs loaded in the guitars

You can have hours of fun of making up tunes with your own combination of the 200 sounds loaded into the guitars. With groupings of riffs from heavy metal to punk, blues, alternative, rock etc. The acoustic and electric guitars have different sounds. All of them are loopable and grouped in key and BPM together as much as possible. These riffs are included in all the electric and acoustic guitars - the bass guitars are not yet updated.

Load your own songs, sounds and animations.

You can load in your own animations, sounds and songs into the guitars (assuming you have permissions). Rez the inventory box from the menu, drop the objects in and tap the box. They will appear on the HUD buttons if they are sounds and on the blue animation menu if they are animations. If you have songs loaded into SL already, you can load them into the guitars too using inventory drop and a simple note card system. This function is not yet available in the bass guitars.



Record what you play

Play any sequence of the approximately 200 riffs and you want to keep it? You can with the web based recording function – no cutting and pasting huge amounts of chat info. Just hit the record button on the hud, type /5 in chat, followed by the song name you want to give it. The recording is stored on a webpage for secure and reliable playback in SL. You can also select whether or not you want the tune to be private, so only you can play it back, or public, so anyone can play back your genius on their own Nomasha guitar! This function is not yet available in the bass guitars.


Many performers like to play sitting down, so there is a stool and seated play animation (2 speeds). You can rez the stool from the menu and when you hit 'carry' to stand, it will delete itself.



Carry Function & Reposition

At the touch of a button, you can place the guitar on you back. You can also reposition the guitar while on your back and in play position and it will remember and store your preferences. This is useful for different avatar sizes.


The HUD includes a 'pre-load sounds' button so you can have all the sounds ready to play, without having to wait for each one to load



Temp-Rez version on stand

To leave a copy of your guitar out on your land, or just to show friends, rez the stand from your inventory. As a repeating temp rez object, it will not count against your prim limit. It is also set to phantom to reduce simulator lag. The stand itself is 8 prims and only those 8 prims will count to your prim limit.

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