Ministy of Motion is giving away a guaranteed

L$100,000 to one customer on Sunday August 1st 2010.


1. You will receive one entry for each animation you buy at Ministry of Motion between June 18th 2010 and July 31st 2010. For instance, if you buy a multipack of ten animations, you will receive ten entries. Entry will be automatic upon purchase

2. On the day of the drawing, August 1st, you must have Ministry of Motion listed in your Profile Picks. (see instructions below)

3. No employee of Ministry of Motion will be eligible to enter the contest.

4. First Prize of L$100,000 will be selected by a random number generator.

5. Second Prize will be a copy of all Ministry of Motion Dance Animations (Transfer only)

6. Third prize will be Avatars choice of 10 Ministry of Motion Dance Animations (Transfer only) and one Nomasha Syaka Guitar.

7. By registering MoM in your picks, you will receive a free animation by returning to the sim and clicking any of the 'Free Animation' rotating signs after 24 hours.


If you don't know how to put this in your picks, let me walk you through it...

Let's get started.

Step One: While anywhere on my sim, right click yourself and then left click on "Profile..." OR click "Edit" in the menu bar and then "Profile..."

Step Two: Click on the "Picks" tab in the list of profile tabs. It should be the 4th tab.

Step Three: Click the "New..." button. A new pick will be added to your profile. The image, title and description should be filled in already. No need to edit any of it!

Step Four: Click the "2nd Life" tab. It should be the 1st tab in the list. Step Five: At the bottom of the "2nd Life" tab, there's a checkbox marked "Show in search". Make sure this box has a check mark in it. If there's no check mark, just click the box to add one.

Step Five: Left click the "OK" button. Once all this is done, it can take around 24 hours to be reflected in the online database and you will be registered to win the prize. If you come back tomorrow and try again, you should get the free animation, no problem.

Thanks for your time and Good Luck!